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Hutto Soap & Candle Co.

Coffeehouse Candle

Coffeehouse Candle

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Freshly brewed cup of joe. Our Coffeehouse candle will bring the warmth of your favorite coffeehouse to any room. Sustainable and non-toxic, our candles are made from 100% natural soy wax.

Handpoured in Hutto, TX

Ingredients: 100% Natural Soy Wax, Fragrance
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Customer Reviews

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Coffe candle

As a candle enthusiast I was very eager to burn these candles based off the names alone. Now, being the candle was nearly $40 I looked for two things - burn time and scent exposure. The candle burned very fast and lasted in my home for less than a week. It also had low quality scent exposure as if you’re very close you could barely smell it but if you were super far away you wouldn’t even know a candle was burning. Which was strange because pre burning the scent was very pungent. Overall I wouldn’t waste nearly $40 on these candles again unless the scent exposure was better and the burn time wasn’t a total of like 12 hours. Must if the time when candles hit that 30-40$ price mark its because they’re using products that ensure long burn time and fragrant scents, not the case here. A little let down to say the least


Coffeehouse Candle

Pretty good

Smells good only problem is that it doesn’t melt all the wax only the middle area.

Thank you for your feedback, Sam. We pride ourselves in creating quality soy candles with great scent throw that burn fully and evenly.

As our candles are slow-burning, a full melt pool can take up to 2 hours to achieve. Candles also have a memory of sorts, wherein they tend to tunnel if not allowed to melt fully on the first burn. If you've allowed your candle to burn for at least two hours and you're still not getting a full melt pool, it could be due to the wick being too short or because of the aforementioned memory.

Either way, we're here to help! If you're still having trouble, please feel free to email us at or see us in person so we can help troubleshoot further.

Thanks again!

Ashley D.
My favorite!

Coffeehouse has such an appropriate name- it’s perfect for mornings and generally giving you the feeling that comes with taking that first sip of coffee before a big day. We have one in the kitchen (to go with our coffee, naturally), one in the living room, and one in the home office. 12/10 will buy again

Best coffee candle!

I’ve been on the hunt for a good coffee candle, and while others have come close, this is the first one that evokes a genuine cup of sweet coffee. I burn it at my work desk and it gives me good vibes all day long. It burns beautifully too.