The Soap Stuff Story

The Soap Stuff Story

The Beginning

It all started with our hands. Just like you, we washed our hands every day (Daniela probably washed her hands twice as much as I did). The soap we used wasn't that special. Usually, it was pretty affordable and didn't smell like much. When we finished, we'd buy one of those big plastic refills. Rinse. Repeat.

Come 2019, lots of people were starting to get sick. Friends, family, co-workers. Nobody knew it at the time, but yes, It was COVID-19. We washed our hands even more. Daniela washed her hands so much, her hands and wrists got so dry! They eventually started cracking and bleeding. She'd treat them with a cream that promised to moisturize better than any other, etc.. Turns out, Daniela wasn't alone. Friends and family members were also experiencing the cracking, bleeding hands. Something had to be done.

Curiosity Brings Change

Being the curious person I am, I started looking at the ingredient labels of these "soaps" and "creams" we'd been using and, boy, was that an eye-opening moment. Most of the ingredients couldn't be easily pronounced and are made in a lab - primarily out of petroleum and other "inexpensive" commodities.

Because the soap industry is not regulated, what you'll find in these big-name "hand soaps" are petroleum-based detergents and sulfates. I won't bore you with all the technical details, but basically? No soap.

Say No To D.R.U.G.S (Detergent Retailed Under the Guise of Soap)

Beside the fact that the ingredients in these detergents are extremely harsh on your hands, they are also terrible for our planet - specifically, marine life. Knowing all of this, we decided to make soap. Real, plant-based liquid soap that worked. So we put our lab coats on and started formulating.

Vegan, Plant-Based Soaps!

After much trial and error, we did it! Months of testing and handwashing and our hands were cleaner and un-cracked. We found a recipe that was better for our skin and our planet. We did the same thing with lotions and formulated our amazing Shea creams (we will discuss these in a separate blog post 😉).

As we continued to expand into soy candles, bath bombs, lip balms and more, it became clear. We outgrew Soap Stuff and decided it was time to rebrand...

Still based in Hutto, TX and still making amazing plant-based soap stuff and more. We're excited to see what the future holds and love getting to share quality, luxury bath, body and home products with you. Thank you for being a part of our journey. We hope to see you at one of our markets soon!

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